The Bible Was Deliberately Created To Mislead Africans- Avra …

Leader and Founder of the Common Sense Family, Avram Moshe has described the Holy Bible as a storybook and that it was deliberately created to mislead Africans.

Speaking on Kingdom Tv, the outspoken social commentator revealed that the Bible was inspired by men but not God.

Mr. Moshe equally claimed that the story of Jesus was copied from the myth surrounding Egyptian god of the sky and controller of the sun and the moon.

According to Avraham Ben Moshe the Bible was deliberately created to hoodwink Africans and that the birth and stories surrounding Jesus Christ is not real.

He however urged his followers to apply common sense and reject the Bible and see it as a storybook.

He further mentioned that the writers of the Bible were not eye witnesses to what they wrote.


By: Virgin Blogger / wwww.kimgdomfonline.com

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