September 22, 2021


Radio personality Blakk Rasta while jubilating over the High Court’s order for Achimota School to admit two Rastafarian boys who were denied admission into the school for refusing to cut their dreadlocks, threw shots at the school.

Rastafarian boys’ case was too obvious for court dispute’ – Martin Kpebu
Give our children a warm reception when they come – Rasward Nkrabia to Achimota School
The Human Rights division of the Accra High Court on Monday ruled that Achimota School committed an illegality in rejecting two Rastafarian students on grounds of their hairstyle.

The two, Tyron Marhguy and Oheneba Nkrabea were denied admission by the school despite being placed there by the Computerized School Selection and Placement System.

The presiding judge, Justice Gifty Agyei Addo however held that the two students deserved to be in the school while stating that the Attorney General could not provide any legal justification.
Reacting to the ruling, Blakk Rasta who is also a Rastafarian tweeted, “Victory for Rasta, at last… Fire burn Achimota School for even daring! Here we come with Nyahbinghi drumming.. Tum tum.. Tata tata.. Tum tum..!”
Meanwhile, Ras Tetteh Wayo, counsel for the students has urged his clients to join their colleagues in school immediately.
“The point here is this, the court has declared solely that your denial of Mr A or Mr B enrolling in school is in violation of his right to education. The moment the court said that it means that stop. It means do not deny him again. So tomorrow [Tuesday], the children should go to school because now Achimota has been asked to stop violating the right to education,” he said on Joy FM.


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