Dorcas Opoku Dakwa popularly known as Abrewa Nana has declared her intentions to fly distressed musician Okomfour Kwade3 abroad for a change of environment.

The female musician believes that a change of environment would be the best therapy for Okomfour Kwade3.

In her Facebook post Abrewa Nana stated that ‘Just last week she was on phone with a friend abroad confessing that if she had all the means one of the things she would love to do, is to fly Okomfour Kwade3 abroad”.

A report came out that Okomfo Kwadee is taking back to the rehab and this has gotten the attention of his fans and Ghanaian’s wondering what is the caused of his situation.

It is confirmed Okomfo Kwadee has been battling with mental challenges which landed him at the rehab center. In 2018, the news about him being abandoned at the rehab center by his family went viral.

Check the post below:

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