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Please forgive me Daddy-Kurl Songx to Kaywabeatz

Hiplife musician Kurl Songx has man up enough and has swallowed pride to finally apologize to Kaywa, his former record label boss.

The musician sometime ago when he was with the Highly Spiritual record label disclosed in an interview that although his management is not slowing him down in his career, in his honest opinion, he believes things could have sped up a little more and gone faster.

He further revealed that if he is to chance on another opening with a different label that would boost his career and make him more successful than he is now, he would definitely seize the opportunity and leave Highly Spiritual Music.

Kaywa also in an interview expressed his objection, stating that he has personally put in a lot of hard work towards the growth of Kurl Song’s career and, thus, feels let down by the comments of the artiste against the label.

Just after Kurl Songx left the Highly Spiritual Record Label, he again claimed that Mr Drew’s ‘Dw3’ song was originally his and that it was handed over to the latter after he left the records label.

These comments by Kurl did not go down well with Kaywa, hence taking him (Kurl Songx) from his list of favorite young music talents who he was willing to bring to the limelight at all cost.

Remorseful Kurl Songx has taken to social media to render an apology to his former boss, asking him to take him back as a son. He said he still holds him(kaywa) very high as a father he can’t run away from.

Check out his post on social media calling out Kaywa to forgive him and take him back as a son;

“I salute you papa ?:.. I humble my self before you as a son .. I love you ??.. a lot has been learnt since I left you sir … and I say I’m proud to have you mentor me to be who I am today ????God bless everyone who has been a supportive in anyway towards my entire journey. Those who love me, I love you too , those I have stepped on their toes unknowingly and knowingly please forgive my actions.. I do not owe any one any explanation to this so please don’t call me for interview and ask about questions regarding me and my father we are okay, we are good. A father and a son affair will be resolved kraa enti mensuro but in a a mean while all gratitude towards you sir @kaywabeatz adabraka star boy ???? if this touches your heart share please share till he sees it. We all go win.

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