June 14, 2021
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Ohemaa Woyeje, one of Ghana’s number one telecasters has uncovered the mystery about how she rose to distinction in the media club.

It isn’t by and large the standard to see ladies hobnobbing with men in the media space, nonetheless, Ohemaa Woyeje, similar to a couple of countable ladies, have had the option to make it to that point.

Talking on eTV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show, she told have, Foster Romanus that the soul of not surrendering is the thing that has gotten her that far.

“There were a ton of difficulties that could’ve gotten me to stop. A lot of individuals hindered me and mishandled me in any capacity they might so I wouldn’t do it. At the point when they see that manhandling you isn’t working, then, at that point they start to mishandle your character. They make statements about you that in case you’re frail, you hear them and it influences the assurance that you carry on your program however even that, I crossed it”, she said.

Ohemaa additionally added that she has an exceptionally close family that prompts her constantly, in this manner, she can handle herself in any event, when she is relied upon to respond. “I have been assaulted severally and it’s been everywhere on the media yet I dealt with myself well indeed and I know a many individuals came to like me hence”, she further added.

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