October 15, 2021
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Renowned fashionista Richard Opoku, affectionately called Osebo has taken a swipe at female celebrities in Ghana who borrow from their friends to show off on social media.

According to Osebo, the life many people live on social media is fake.

Speaking to Fiifi Pratt on Accra-based Kingdom Plus FM he stated, most female celebrities in Ghana borrow cars, phones, and other items from people just to impress their followers or get followers.

A lot of celebrities in Ghana undoubtedly live fake lives to impress their fans on social media” he said.
He mentioned the life many people live on social media is fake.

Osebo Zara man revealed many celebrities who live luxurious on social media are suffering in silence.

They should learn how to invest in other things that would fetch them more income, if that’s too hard to do at least they should be able to save and not spend extravagantly’ he added.

By: Christopher Agbodo Ranson / Virgin Blogger / www.kingdomfmonline.com

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