March 5, 2021
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KUMERICA HAS NO FUTURE-Wei Ye Oteng fires Kumericans

Beat producer and the CEO of Drum Lyne Music, Wei Ye Oteng, has indicated that the trend surrounding the popular Kumerica mantra would soon die off.

Wei Ye Oteng, in a Facebook post, indicated that the top trend would soon be no more because it was not carefully thought through.

In his view, Wei Ye Oteng added that the Kumerica trend could have survived and stayed longer than usual if the originators had made it more about themselves.

He added that the confusion that had come to be attached to the trend was rather going to be its undoing.

Wei Ye Oteng was addressing the issue of the Kumerica trend following the many dilutions and variations that have come to associate themselves with it.

He said the boys allowing all subsets of the trend to be added to it would rather make it weak and push it into oblivion faster than necessary.

Wei Ye Oteng’s post read: “Kumerica has no future. It’s dead on arrival because it was never thought through. We could have done it better by projecting us and not confusing ourselves. Confused boys.


By: Source: Zionfelix

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