September 21, 2021


Ghanaian comedian, DKB has announced his retirement from the profession.

In a tweet, the “King of Ghanaian comedy” stated that he was retiring because he was tired of the backlash.

“I’m RETIRING from comedy. I’m tired. Enough of negativity & disrespect, I didn’t kill anyone, I just make people laugh, so why the insults in return?” he wrote in a tweet.

He added; “My mental health is important to me. So called fans also don’t show love publicly. I’ve lifted Ghana comedy, done my part.”

DKB became a national comedy sensation in Ghana in 2011 after featuring on the ‘Citizen Comedy Show’ on Metro TV and ‘Laugh A Minute’ on Viasat 1 (now Kwese TV).

He has since made Ghanaians laugh on several major platforms including his own monthly Comedy Express show.

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By: Kenneth Daniel Appiah /

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