Social media is on fire over “beefs” among the female musicians. Some thinks the reason for engaging in such ‘beefs’ is to create attention perhaps, for a project coming out or just to be in the news.

Sista Afia who is mostly known as a singer came out with two songs “WMT & YOU GOT NERVES” taken swipe at rapper Eno Barony and Freda rhymz.

In response to both songs by Sista Afia, Eno Barony also released a song title “The rap goddess” which is going viral due to the lyrical content in the song.

The song started with the popular Ghanaian Pallbearers sound and some nice introduction then entered with a verse that said “A young Lady looking rigid like that of a teachers wife”. This did not go well with many listeners but some believes what she said is actually true while others thinks is an insult to teachers wife’s.

According to the rapper on Accra based kingdomplusfm she said though people seems to have a different peception over the verse in song the some teachers confrimed to her truly their wifes are rigid.

Eno Barony is out with a new banjer dubbed “FORCE DEM TO PLAY NONSENSE” ft Strongman and Deborah Vannessa…go check it out on all platforms.

Full video below:

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