October 22, 2021
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ECG Disconnected My Light, Billed Me GH¢8,000 – Psalm Adj …

I don’t know if TT takes Ghanaians for a fool or what, after receiving 50,000 cedis from Dr. Bawumia plus other huge donations from loved ones and sympathizers, TT has taken to the intent to subtly beg for monetary support
According to the veteran actor who has become a nuisance on the local digital space, he owes the Electricity Company of Ghana 8,000 cedis.

He explained that, for close to four years now, he has not been receiving electricity bills from ECG, and anytime he visits the company’s office to complain, he’s told to go home and wait for some time.
To his utmost surprise, he was given a bill of 8,000 cedis to pay just last week and because he can’t afford to pay, his power has been disconnected.

He further went on to add that, he has visited the ECG’s office to plead with the managers to allow him to pay the 8,000 cedis bill in installment but they have refused to listen to his plea.

Many social media users have taken to their timelines to bash Psalm Adjeteyfio for being so self-centered and greedy because just last month, he received a ton of cash from Ghanaians so they find it difficult why he doesn’t want to use some of the donation money to settle his debt.

It’s obvious that the actor just wants to play smart on all of us and we shouldn’t give him the chance this time around.

Source: operanewsapp

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