October 16, 2021

“Being A Label CEO Is A Thankless Job”-D Black

Desmond Blackmore, best known as D Black, the Chief Executive Officer of Black Avenue Muzik, has highlighted some of the problems facing record label owners in Ghana.

D Black, the CEO of one of Ghana’s most successful record labels, said that being a label CEO is one of the most underappreciated positions ever because the CEO is mostly blamed for all the misfortunes that afflict the musician’s career.

According to him, when a musician achieves success in his or her profession, people tend to overlook the fact that the artist is being managed and signed to a record label, which has been the primary source of money for the artist’s career.

When the artist fails, the record label is blamed for their poor management abilities and lack of money for the musician’s brand. People will ignore the truth that not everyone will be successful in life, he claims.

Being a label CEO is a thankless job. So here we do it for the greater good. When u produce an act & they become successful it’s because they did it. When u have an unsuccessful act it’s ur fault. Realizing that not every1 is gonna b successful is the best realization u can have…he wrote.

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