Abena Korkor Jabs Critics

 Abena Korkor Jabs Critics

Former TV3 presenter, Abena Korkor has stated she does not entertain negative people around her hence she is not bothered about what people say about her.

According to him, People do not know what she goes through-they only see the end result which ends up online.

Speaking to Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom Plus 101.9FM on Afro Joint, she said some people who got closer to now understand her actions on social media are not deliberate but as a result of her mental illness.

She mentioned it’s hard to convince people that what she goes through is real.

She emphatically stated that she does not pay attention to people who insult her on social media because they have no idea of what she has been through.

Responding to allegations that she is hiding behind her mental illness to defame people, Abena Korkor said ” It is not like I enjoy what is going on, it is overwhelming and very hard to figure out sometimes. It is not deliberate that I mention names, I sometimes wonder why I do that”

By: Christopher Agbodo Ranson / Virgin Blogger / www.kingdomonline.com

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