D-Black Gifts Baby Mama A Range Rover On His Birthday


D-Black treats his baby mama like a princess. D-Black encourages everyone to value the genuine individuals in their lives.
D-Black celebrates his birthday by purchasing a brand new Mercedes S 550.

A throwback photo of 17-year-old D Black pleading with Reggie Rockstone to listen to him has gone viral.

D-Black receives an automobile as a gift.
As he turned 35, Ghanaian rapper and businessman Desmond Kwesi Black, also known as D-Black alias The Enjoyment Minister, gave his children’s mother a Range Rover.
The award-winning rapper also decided to acquire himself a fresh new Mercedez S 550 to commemorate his life and everything that he accomplished in the previous year, sharing the news with the rest of the globe via an Instagram post.

He added in a message to his children’s mother that he “gave the mother of my children a Range.” It’s important to remember to appreciate the genuine ones. My children’s grins did it for me; let us appreciate the pleasant ones. “May God bless all of us.”

Birthday greetings flowed in from all around the world, including from other industry players, wishing ‘The Enjoyment Minister’ well on his 35th birthday.