Curfews Won’t Resolve The Bawku Conflict — Security Expert

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Fraud Preventions Expert and Security Consultant Richard Kumadoe has alluded that curfews cannot put a stop to the long-standing ethnic conflicts in Bawku in the Upper West Region.

According to him, curfews are only short term solutions to such ethnic conflicts and have never improved the ongoing unrest in the Northern enclaves.

In an interview with Samuel Eshun on the Happy Morning Show, Mr Kumadoe opined that the curfew effected on the community was only a reactionary approach and hence was never well thought through.

He said, “Curfews are short term measures and that’s why every time when curfews are effected they never solve the issue. There were curfews with security officers yet there were gun shots last time, the attack by the Burkinabe guys and just this morning it has been reported that one person has been shot dead.”

He however suggested that the appropriate authorities need to take bold steps and go beyond curfew implementation to resolve the longstanding conflict. The security expert cautioned that failure to address the issue will impound more burden on the security institutions.

“Curfews are good but are short term measures. The relevant thing is after the short term measure we need to be bold enough to face the issue at hand heads in. This will help improve the situation other that, what the President about spending so much money for national security on Chieftaincy disputes will be proved right and will create lots of problems for the National Security,” he added.

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