Lockdown: 18 Persons To Be Arraigned Before Court

 Lockdown: 18 Persons To Be Arraigned Before Court

Some 18 covidiots who defied President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s directive on the partial lockdown in Kasoa, will appear before a court of competent jurisdiction in the coming days, Superintendent Samuel Odame, District Police Commander of Kasoa Central District has said.

According to him, the culprits who were arrested at different locations, have been charged with defying the social distancing rule announced by the president.

He said that some were arrested at a place suspected to be a drug-dealing zone whilst others were arrested for sitting in groups under a shed at a lorry station.


“So far, we’ve made about 18 arrests with the assistance of our military counterparts. They will be arraigned before a court,” Superintendent Odame stated.

He indicated that Ghanaians are not taking the outbreak of the coronavirus seriously because they’ve not seen the severity of it.

He added that the government has deployed strategic ways to ensure the deadly virus does not spread widely and claim more lives.

The District Police Commander bemoaned, most inhabitants within the Kasoa enclave give flimsy excuses such as buying of food and other essentials just to be allowed to go out and roam about, but it is clear their reasons for being out are lies because most items they claim to go and buy can be found in their various vicinities.

He also indicated further that such an attitude has made the work of both the police and military service very difficult.

Superintendent Odame then advised residents of Kasoa to adhere to the president’s directive so that the virus will be kicked out of the country.

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