October 22, 2021
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Fulani Herdsman Killed By His Master After Rustlers Stole 7 …

A Fulani herdsman has allegedly been killed by his master Sosa Michael at Lantei a Community near Nsawam in the Eastern region.

The incident occurred after rustlers attacked the now deceased Herdman at gunpoint, tied him with rope, and allegedly raped the wife, and went away with 7 cows.

The master, Sosa Michael, rather became furious when he came the next day and was informed about the incident. He accused the herdsman of conniving with the rustlers hence neat him to a pulp till he died.

“An Ewe man Sosa Micheal who happen to own cattle and employed a Fulani cowboy to take care of his cattle has beaten his employee to death. This sad incident occurred at Lantei near Nsawam on Tuesday night.

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Bandits came and attacked his employees at gunpoint and made away with 7 of his cows and raped one of his employee’s wives. When he came in the morning to the kraal he met with his employees tight up after he rescued them he and his friend decided to beat them up and accuse them of planning with the bandits of stealing his cows.

He took the laws into his own hands beat them up broke the deceased leg and took him away leaving one of his employees I take care of the rest of his cattle.

After taking him away he kept him for only God knows where he kept him till Wednesday when the Ewe man went and reported at a nearby police station which does not fall under their jurisdiction where the incidence happened.

When our team was informed Yakubu Barry rushed to the scene met with the other employee who had then fled with his wife who was raped by the bandits to his uncle’s house at Kasoa.

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