January 28, 2021

Dr. Kwabena Duffour Runs To Court To Prevent Police Arrest

The former Governor of the Bank of Ghana and also Minister of Finance, Dr. Kwabena Duffour has filed a suit at an Accra High Court praying the court to place an injunction on the Director of Special Investigations Team (STI) headed by Mr. Edward Tabiri of the Ghana Police Service from arresting him.

The suit cited by Kingdom news indicate that the plaintiff avers, that he had previously served on board directorship positions in Unibank Ghana Ltd, Star Assurance and some indigenous banks but resigned in 2009 when he was appointed Minister of Finance.

The Plaintiff states that he subsequently created a Deed of Qualified blind Trust to oversee his assets and business interests after he left office on 6th January 2013 he was neither appointed a director nor into any managerial position in Unibank Ghana Limited and its affiliates prior to it entering into receivership.

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He states that this action has become necessary because on 8th January 2020, he received a letter from the Special Investigations Team signed by the Respondent requesting him to appear and assist the team looks into allegation of Stealing, Money laundering, Conspiracy to steal and Abetment of stealing.

That not too satisfied with the contents of the letter, l promptly caused lawyers to bring to the attention of the Respondents the facts that l ceased to be a director of Unibank way back in 2009, which he clearly indicated that by virtue of the fact that I had ceased to be a director of Unibank since 2009, he was not in the position to assist the Team on any allegations of Stealing, Money laundering, Conspiracy to steal and Abetment of Stealing.

He avers that since February 2009 when he left Unibank, he had never occupied any directorship nor did managerial position in Unibank Ghana Limited that Unibank has its own independent board of directors and management.

Dr. Kwabena Duffour has stated that information gathered indicates that the Respondent is threatening to have him arrested, detained and hurriedly arraigned before the court on nonexistent and or frivolous charges in order to embarrass and humiliate him and to destroy his reputation and lower his standing in the eyes of the public.

He is, therefore, praying the court to restrain the Respondent from arresting him and also threatening him as well as interfering with his Fundamental Human Rights.

An order directed at the Defendants to cease his unlawful threats and harassment to the plaintiff; Perpetual injunction restraining the defendants, his servants, Agents, Privies and assigns whatsoever from interfering with plaintiff’s fundamental human rights.

Any further order or orders that the court may deem fit.

Ama Brako Ampofo

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