October 23, 2021
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Reports reaching this portal indicate that Jennifer Akuamoah, a class five teacher of St. Patrick’s Preparatory School has been found dead after she was reported missing on Friday, August 13.

The mother of Jennifer, Mrs. Florence Akuamoah told the Police that her daughter called her after vacating from school on Tuesday 10 August 2021 that she is coming home.

Florence Akuamoah, the mother said her daughter confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that she was getting ready to pick a car from Dakojom to Krofrom where they lived.

The worried parents phoned the headmaster of St. Patrick’s Preparatory to check on their daughter when Jennifer’s phone wasn’t going through.

The headmaster after a thorough check found out Jennifer never left Dakojom on Tuesday afternoon.

Mr and Mrs. Akuamoah after an unsuccessful search, reported the incident to Dakojom Police station Friday afternoon.

The police through an informant found out a body has been deposited at the Dakojom SDA junction.


The body was retrieved on Saturday morning. Police Corporal Dangue Benjamin confirming the news on Sunday, August 15, 2021 noted that several eyewitnesses have confirmed seeing the deceased boyfriend James Adu at the crime scene before Jennifer was murdered, which makes him their first suspect.

Nurud Offeh, a Science Teacher at St. Patrick’s Preparatory and a friend of Jennifer, told Dakojom Police officers that, Jennifer was physically abused by her boyfriend Adu James, the main reason she wanted to go spend the vacation with her parents.

Nurud further stated that Jennifer had reported the abusive boyfriend to his parents twelve times but failed to act on it making them guilty of Jennifer’s murder.

Mr Adu Isaac, the father of Jennifer’s boyfriend declined to comment on the matter.

According to him, he has not set eyes on his son for over one week and could not determine if he was guilty or not.

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