Clandestine Plan To Get Appiah Kubi To Go Unopposed Intercepted

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The New Patriotic Party (NPP) constituency executives for the Asante Akyem North Constituency are engaged in a grand design to allow the incumbent Member of Parliament, Hon. Andy Appiah Kubi contest the 2020 Parliamentary primaries unopposed.

The NPP Constituency executives are seeking to protect the incumbent Member of Parliament for the area in the impending Parliamentary primaries. 

This portal has intercepted a malicious scheme to ensure Hon Andy Appiah Kubi goes into the Parliamentary primaries for election 2020 unopposed. 

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And to carry out this diabolic agenda, Hon. Andy Appiah Kubi and the Constituency executives are coercing electoral areas Coordinators to sign a schemed petition on behalf of their Polling Station Executives (Delegates) indicating a consensus to allow Hon. Andy Appiah Kubi to go unopposed.

The coordinators have been promised huge sums as a reward for their effort. 

This follows an initial failed plan to lure and collate signatures from delegates two weeks earlier for the same purpose. 

A delegate told this reporter that the unpopular move is an attempt to subvert the will of the people, which has the potential of dragging the NPP back to opposition as well as drastically reduce the hold of the party on the legislature.

He said it was highly unthinkable why an incumbent MP and constituency executives of a party that believes in participatory democracy would be scheming to impose a Parliamentary candidate on the people. 

According to our source, this self-preservation is unacceptable and a blatant display of contempt for democracy. 

Describing the tactics as menacing and Machiavellian politics, the source said this must not be allowed to fester. 

He noted that Andy Appiah Kubi and the Constituency executives should know that the NPP party has structures and these structures must be allowed to work. 

Democracy, he intimated is a system based on the consent of the governed, adding that in this respect, the will of the people must prevail. 

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The Ashanti region, he reminded the party is the strongest hold of the NPP and said the party’s strength is built from the constituency level.

“Any Machiavellian tactics that would be employed to impose Hon. Andy Appiah Kubi or subvert the processes leading to the parliamentary primaries for the 2020 election will be strongly resisted and the consequences may be very devastating for the party” our source fumed.


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