Chief Of Agbokope Pleads With The Government To Provide Them With Basic Amenities – Oti Region

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Christopher Agbodo Ranson
Christopher Agbodo Ranson
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Scoop of Africa, a non-governmental organization has organized a health screening exercise for the people of the Agbokope community around Kop3d3k3 in the Oti region on Saturday 9th April 2022.

The program was dubbed “HEAL THE COMMUNITY” project. The project was inspired by a deliberate visit to Oti Region by the team and sought to provide health specialties and personalities to undertake health screenings of all Kinds at the preferred community AGBOKOPE, providing health care as well as needed preventive materials to curb any health problem.

Rev. Benjamin Awuku Martinson during the welcome address introduced what Scoop of Africa does and the purpose behind the project organized to the people of the community. He said ” the leader of Scoop of Africa” team Mr. Khalifa Azim Antwi-Boamah’s birthday is on Monday, 11th April, and as part of his celebration planned with the team to extend aid to the less privileged health-wise to commemorate the free health screening project to the community.

‘The team has brought doctors and health experts from Wurawura Hospital to check the health status of both young and old in this community and provide medications and quality health consultations for free for them to solve basic health problems and stay healthy, ” he added”.

The Chief of Agbokope, Togbe Agbo II, in his speech welcomed and thanked the team for their immense support to help this community. He further addressed the challenges the village faced such as lack of roads, schools, medical centers, and electricity. and pleaded with the team to address the issues to the MPs to come to their aid.”

The health experts run various health tests which include malaria tests, temperature, Blood pressure and pulse, blood/hemoglobin test, together with some special health counseling for the people. The health screening attracted other people from the nearby communities including Katanga Tornu, Katanga Tai, and Worawora among others as they also benefited from the health screening and distribution of medicines.

A nurse from the Worawora Government Hospital, Mr. Eugene during a health education session, enlightened the people on Malaria, its causes, effects, symptoms, and prevention.

The team shared food items with the people as a beautiful local dance was displayed by the people in the community to entertain all.

We are pleased to have this exercise successfully executed with the support of Miss Naomi Tetteh, CEO of Just Style and More Events, Waakye Wifi, and Rather Unique Media with the team’s welfare and logistics from Rev. Martinson and Madam Cynthia Owusu.

Scoop of Africa is a nonprofit organization that always gives back to poor/deprived communities by organizing entertaining and educational programs for kids. We solicit funds through sponsors or donors hence volunteers who are passionate about giving and doing community work.

Credit: Esther Johnson

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