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The Residents of Nyamebeye Beposo in Asutifi North District, Ahafo Region, have disclosed that if Newmont Goldcrop Ghana(NGG) refuses to resettle them and pay their expected compensation there is no way they will allow the company(NGG) to work on any land for mining activity.

The angry residents numbered about 200 who are basically into farming revealed this when they staged a protest to show their displeasure on how the mining firm is treating them which is illegal their observation.

According to them, if the said company which mines in five(5) communities namely Kenyasi No.1, Kenyasi No.2, Ntotroso, Gyedu, and Womahinso is refusing to respect and comply with the laid down measures for affected people who land are used by the NGG and there is no way they will allow the company behave in such manner.

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In an exclusive interview with the Convener of the Affected Property Owners (APO) Mr. Osam Adams popularly called Allo, on 6th November 2019, the NGG declared moratorium which means by law no property owners at the demarcated area have the right to do anything to their properties by expansion, modification and any other form which can add value to either their farms or structures.

Mr. Adams expressed that before the moratorium was declared, all the necessary stakeholders such as chiefs, assemblymembers, community representatives, land valuation board, government officials among others were detailed on what the land would be used for by the NGG.

Residents Expressing Anger

He continued to explain, after that the Resettlement Negotiation Community(RNC) began the Rapid Asset Survey(RAS) where the company gave unique numbers to all affected houses and then later the full asset survey ensure that all the necessary forms are filled by the property owners(demonstrators). By doing this gives the company fair knowledge of the number of residents to be affected and their properties involved.

He expressed that once the affected property owners go through such processes established and agreed by all the parties on board it means there is no turning back for NGG to say it will not resettle them and pay their due compensation.

Dilapidated Building Of Some Residents

To their surprise after such engagement with the company which consumed their precious time because for days there were not able to attend to their works, the company said it has no interest on the land again so the terms and conditions attached to the processes cannot be enjoyed by the residents. He said the company has decided to work on land close to where the affected residents are located but the angry residents have compelled the workers from the company to stop with immediate effect until the matter is settled amicably.

“Per our view, we think some opinion leaders are behind the decision of Newmont to cheat us,” Osam Adams said.

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He said the leaders of the APO will take all the necessary measures to ensure that the mining company to adhere to the laws designed for people whose land are used by the said company. He continued to explain that letters are been served to all the appropriate quarters locally and nationally to ensure that the right thing is done by the firm.

Currently, in Kenyasi No.2, there are several phases established by the Newmont Goldcrop Ghana(NGG) called resettlement due to the company using the land for their operations and the law has been used from day one. The area of Nyamebeye Beposo is expected to be phase five(5) and over 500 houses are to be affected aside from their farms and any other form of property.

From Sammy Asare, Ahafo Nyamebeye Beposo

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