I have taken notice of a statement signed by the NDC’s National Youth Organizer falsely accusing me of engaging in illegal mining. The said statement is based on comments made by Hon. Kennedy Agyepong on Net 2 TV.

For the records, let me state categorically:

  1. That Hon. Kennedy Agyapong is a respected member of Parliament known for approaching matters of national interest with utmost honesty, fairness, sincerity and without fear or favor.
  2. That bsequent to his submission on Net2 TV, I have engaged and explained things to Hon. Kennedy Agyapong with ample evidence to establish that I have absolutely nothing to do with the Galamsey issues raised by him.
  3. That Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, as a fair minded leader, has consequently amended his earlier position about my good self relative to the Galamsey brouhaha after crosschecking the evidence I presented to him.
  4. Let me state without a shred of equivocation that I have never ever been involved in Galamsey as sheepishly alleged by the NDC National Youth Organizer.
  5. Having said that, i find it absurd and shallow, the thinking of the NDC that waging such vicious media war against me will silence me.
  6. I understand that my condemnation of the irresponsible and reckless comments made by Fmr. President Mahama to the effect that there would be chaos in the country if the EC fails to listen to the NDC and go ahead to compile a new Voter’s register has devastated the NDC for which they have sworn to get back at me. So they find this as an opportunity to do so.
  7. I can assure them that no amount of character assassination, vilification and insults will demoralize me from demanding responsible and statesman -like disposition from Mr. Mahama and other elements within the NDC.
  8. The attempt by Opare Addo to ride on the back of Hon. Agyapong’s comments is not only unfortunate but qualifies as the weakest strategy to ever be deployed by a youth leader worth his salt.
  9. I herewith admonish my friend, George Opare Addo to rather find a more noble and effective ways to mobilize the disgruntled youth in the NDC and also not allow himself to used in this fruitless and purposeless agenda.

Thank you.

Henry Nana Boakye (Esq)
(National Youth Organizer, NPP)

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