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It's A Shame, Stop Putting Your Nakedness On Social Med …

The CEO of 22nd Nita Fashion Design and Decoration Faculty, Anita Obeng-Adjei has described the current trend of nudity splashing social media to gain attention and popularity as shameful.

She said it’s not only appalling but totally ungodly for women and Celebrities to routinely appear in compromising and salacious photos while the tabloid press rewards them with adoring attention.

‘Young girls in our culture have become over-sexualized and desensitized to sexual images. As a result, they are often oblivious to the importance of keeping their bodies private’, Anita Obeng-Adjei told the host of Ahenman Mu Nsem, Rabbi Humphrey, on Accra based Kingdom FM 107.7.

She noted that our society must wake up and pay attention to how vulnerable young girls have become by putting their nakedness daily on the internet for popularity.

The host of Ahenman Mu Nsem, Rabbi Humphrey

‘Dressing naked isn’t the right way. As women, our body is sacred and we must cover certain parts of the body because women are daughters of the High Priest. Dressing half-naked must strongly be condemned equally’.

Anita Obeng-Adjei reminded parents and clinicians to guide our youth through what has become an almost entirely technology-driven world.

‘Our goal as parents and clinicians is to guide our kids’ decisions and help them navigate successfully the murky waters of modern adolescence. Our children need to understand the meaning and importance of privacy — and that there are some things that can’t be undone’, she posited.

The young and beautiful CEO was emphatic that the society has the responsibility and the opportunity to change the ways our children respond to this new environment.

She said social media can be used positively to better the lifestyles of a chunk of the Ghanaian youth adding that those who think portraying nudity is the only way to the top suffer from inferiority complex.

By : Aboagye Frank Jackson / Kingdom 107.7 FM / / / Ghana / 2019

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