October 22, 2021

GIHOC MD Hosts Journalists In Kumasi

On Sunday 12th January 2020, GIHOC Distilleries held a New Year Press Soiree in Kumasi, Ashanti region for Journalists at the residence of its Managing Director, Mr. Maxwell Kofi Jumah.

Mr. Kofi Jumah used the opportunity to appreciate and thank the media for their support in projecting the good works of GIHOC in 2019.

According to the Media Relations Manager,Afua Foriwaa Boafoh the event attracted over 60 journalists including reporters and editors of state-owned media as well as private media.

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The MD of GIHOC also used the occasion to interact with the media about their product brands and the new innovations happening in the company.

He spoke about top product brands such as Chevalier Brandy Premium, Castle Bridge Premium, Mandingo Premium, Herbafrik Premium, Apet Dry Gin and Meridian Water.

Other GIHOC Brands also include Sorento Sweet Vermouth Wine, Buccaneer Rum, Herbadingo, Castle Bridge, Mandingo, Herbafrik, Takai, and Castidingo.

Some GIHOC Products

“I would like to thank the press for being part of our success story, our meeting here today reaffirms that indeed we appreciate you. We see journalists beyond just being media men but most importantly, as a family and strategic partners. You played a critical part of our success in 2019,” Maxwell Kofi Jumah stated.

The GIHOC MD urged the journalists to continue to support GIHOC in the New year 2020 and beyond.

He stated that GIHOC has gone international and that GIHOC now has branches in Liberia, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and other African Countries and now pursuing China, USA, and South Africa.

Some GIHOC Products

Within the country, he mentioned that GIHOC is now almost in all the regions with what he terms as Gidi shops at Koforidua, Sefwi Wiaso , Kumasi and other major towns in the country.

“This year 2020, we are bringing to customers a new line of wines this year and just to let you know that GIHOC uses the best of alcohol for our work and products unlike others,” Mr. Kofi Jumah further disclosed.

There were also supporting New year messages from the Brand Manager for Meridian Natural Mineral Drinking Water, quality assurance manager Gihoc, Brand Manager for Apet Dry Gin and Kaiser, and the Deputy Marketing Manager of GIHOC as well as the Media Relations Manager of GIHOC, Afua Foriwaa Boafoh.

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GIHOC Distilleries Company Limited was the first modern distillery to be established in West Africa. It was established by the pre-independence Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) in 1958 as the State Distilleries Corporation for the manufacture of alcoholic beverages.

By NLCD 207, it, however, became a division of the then Ghana Industrial Holding Corporation (GIHOC) in 1968.
GIHOC Distilleries has over the years perfected the art of Distillation, refinery, blending and manufacture of various types of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for the local market and beyond. It has strived to satisfy the varying needs and demands of consumers of these products by ensuring the highest quality of products.

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