CORONAVIRUS : US Vegetable Farmers Incur Heavy Loses

 CORONAVIRUS : US Vegetable Farmers Incur Heavy Loses

Several tonnes of tomatoes are getting rotten in the United States as farmers incur huge loses because of lack of buyers.

The problem is more prominent in the state of Florida which is America’s leading producer of tomatoes, green beans, peppers and cabbage.

The closure of restaurants, schools and theme parks nationwide due to the coronavirus outbreak has denied  vegetable farmers a major market and by extension, Dollars.

A tomato farmer, Tony Di Mare, who owns large tracks of farms in South Florida and the Tampa Bay area lamented his plight in an interview.

He said Florida became the biggest loser in the non-availability of tomatoes because it produces 80 percent of the vegetables grown in America.Said one farmer, “whatever else you’ve got just goes un-harvested and you’ve go to mulch it back into the ground.”The problem, of rotten farm produce is widespread across the US. It is estimated that the US may lose up to 1.32 billion dollars between March and May this year.

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