Coronavirus: Ghana’s Borders Still Closed To Human Traffic

 Coronavirus: Ghana’s Borders Still Closed To Human Traffic

Closure on the country’s borders is still in force, this is according to President Akufo-Addo in his seventh update on measures put in place to contain the deadly coronavirus.

According to him, several of the cases recorded in Ghana are imported cases and there is, therefore, the need for the various borders to be closed and protected.

“The overwhelming majority of cases have come from travelers, it is therefore incumbent on us to continue to be vigilant about allowing travelers into our country until further notice and to congratulate our men and women of the immigration service and the Marine Police Unit for their work in securing our borders.”

He said “I’ve signed an executive instrument for the extension of the closure of our borders for two more weeks beginning Monday, April 20”.

He mentioned that as the World Health Organization has encouraged, citizens of Ghana should wear their facemasks wherever they go to.

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