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MzGee Drags Vice President’s Office In TT’s Audio Leak Brouhaha


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Radio &TV personality, MzGee has sworn she never leaked an audio recording of veteran actor Psalm Adjeteyfio begging her for leftover food while she dragged the office of Vice President, Dr Mahamudu into the brouhaha.

The actor who is popularly known as TT from the rested Taxi Driver Series has been trending since Tuesday morning after reports of his voice note to Mzgee went viral.

He was heard begging MzGee for food barely four months after Vice President gave him GHC50,000 for his rent and upkeep.

“MzGee good afternoon, I’m wondering if you would have some leftovers in your kitchen to spare. [The] reason is people who use to help have all withdrawn their help when they heard that the Vice President had given me the money. But you would agree with me that [with] such monies, you need to invest wisely and that is what I have done and when you make investments too, it will take time before you begin enjoying,” he said in the audio.

He also alleged that the promise made by Greater Regional Minister, Henry Quartey had stopped after the first payment.

Mzgee had come under heavy criticism over the audio. She was accused of leaking it. But in an Instagram video late Tuesday, she denied the claim.
According to her, she only sent the audio to someone in the Office of the Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia.

“I’m here because a voice note that has my name has gone viral. Now if you follow my works you will know that when I do interviews and there is a backlash, people call me out, people have reservations and they voice them out, I never come to defend myself, I never even come to respond to most of them. I just do not think it’s necessary because I feel like it’s the hazard that comes with the job that we do. Maybe is the reason it is taking me quite a while to respond to this voice note saga,” she said.

“… On the 17th of December, I was in Akwa Ibom in Nigeria when TT dropped the voice note that has gone viral to me and I sent him a message saying that I wasn’t in town and when I get back to Ghana I will address his issues. I came back to Ghana I began to ask questions because if you heard the voice that had gone viral you will hear that he talks about the Vice President’s money being invested.

Yes and that the Greater Accra Minister’s pledge of a GHC1500 monthly came just once and the minister is not redeeming his pledge. He goes to the minister’s office they said the minister is not available and because of that people have refused also to come to his aid. I was worried about it because I know his situation and so I came to Ghana and I began to ask questions and then I reached out to somebody who knows somebody in the Office of the Vice President to ask questions about what TT claims are and this person in the Office of Vice President was vividly worried and said oh we have redeemed our pledge to him and this is not going to be a good one for the Vice President if he gets to hear it, or if it goes out there. I remember the words if it gets out there it’s not going to be a good one for the Vice President, blah blah blah.

How did he say it? And we said there was a voice note, he says can I hear the voice note? So in confidence not thinking that anything will be done but thinking that I will get a solution for TT because again the Vice President’s office has been mentioned, the Greater Accra Regional Minister has been mentioned. I do not have access to these bigwigs in politics so I thought that sending this voice note to this person in the Office of the Vice President will get some solutions. And that’s how the voice note was sent to this person in the Office of the Vice President. Now Fast forward I hear this voice after days on the radio. How? I’m not the one who leaked it,” she denied.

“I only sent it to an individual in the Office of the Vice President. He also says he’s not sent it to anybody, so who leaked the audio? Maybe we should start asking questions. Ask those who first published it how they got the audio? Those who have the audio maybe should come out and tell us how you got the audio. It is not nice and it’s unfair to help people drag me knowing very well that I never shared any audio with any media house. I never shared any audio with any journalist. I never shared any audio with any blog. For crying out loud I have a YouTube channel, I have blogs, I could have published on. It is not on any of these. How do I leak a voice note of a private conversation which we’ve had over and over, I’ve had this over and over with TT. How do I leak this one to the public? I never leaked the voice note. I would never do that,” she further indicated.

“It is quite sad, appalling, disheartening, heartbreaking, I never leaked the voice note. I will never do a thing like that. So please let’s ask the people who are publishing since the person in the office of the vice president says he didn’t also leak that conversation. Let’s ask the people who are publishing if they’ll be honourable enough to let us know where they got a voice note from maybe then we’ll know who finally leaked the voice note. But I MzGee God is my witness I didn’t leak the voice note,” she added.


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