By : Godwin Ako Gunn

I certainly can not be happy with comments from some of the aspirants who did not emerge victorious at yesterday’s primaries. It can’t be justified in any way, but I believe we must give them the second chance. We can not throw the baby away with the bathwater.

There are comments that must never come out of your mouth in times of pain sorrow or disappointments; I will leave my fellow comrades with James 1:19, 20.

Guide your heart with all diligence, out of it flows the issues of life. I believe everyone went into this elections to win.

I appreciate the cost and the resources that went into the elections, the promises that delegates made, yet failed to honor it, But If you want them to give you another chance, control the double edge sword, your tongue.

Kingdom Garlic Bitters

Let us respect our delegates and the decisions they make. It may not be pleasant, it may sound illogical and surprising but respect that decision. They just exercise a right of choice.

Let us congratulate ourselves for a good job done. If the delegates refused you today, they may need you tomorrow. Have that at the back of your mind at all times.

Comments, like we can’t win that constituency, because you didn’t win, must never be heard. Never try to play gods, it is unfortunate and we should not countenance comments such as this, ask yourself, if the shoe moves to the other foot, what will it be like.

Round up to the 2016 elections, some never thought Nana Addo will ever become president, fair or foul means, he is president today and buying the whole of Ghana for himself and his family.

He has currently bought ECG and named it PDS for his family. His only headache is, he has been caught and he is not getting any wise excuse to enable him to share it to his friends and family.

PDS yawa don gas

I agree we must all give ourselves time to recover, but in the times of recovery, let’s spend time and listen to ourselves, self-introspection is key.

There are better days ahead

Kun fa Yakun


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