Print Papers On Credit, We Will Pay Later – GES

Heads of Public Basic Schools have been ordered to print papers on credit from printers in their locality.This is because the Based Grant is yet to be released for onward payment to debts.Read the details of the minutes intercepted by Kingdom FM….

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1. That, Management will soon come out with lasting modalities of financing end of term exams.

2. That, Heads of Public Basic Schools should contact printers in their locality to print their papers for them on credit while waiting for the BASED GRANT (GHC 5.00per head) to be released VERY SOON then the head use it to settle the debt.

3. That, out of the GHC 5. 00 per head, Heads should use the following amounts to sponsor the exams:
KG1 to Prim 3= GHC 3.00 per head
P4 to P6 = GHC 4.00 per head
JHS= GHC 5.00 per head.

4. That, MMD Directors to monitor the conduct of the exams and report to the HQ. The Directors are NOT to Conduct.

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5. That, report reaching the HQ indicates that some heads have started collecting the printing fee. So if any head collect money from either a parent or a pupil for the purpose of this term examination, the head should refund it immediately.

6. That, any head who takes money from either parents or pupils for this term’s exams should refund the money or get punished.

7. That, No school should refuse to write this term’s exams with the pretence of NO money.

8. That, the teachers should be task to set the questions and mark and that if any head buy questions outside will be punished severely.

9. That, No head should expect official correspondence from the GES HQ before complying.

10. That, WAEC has extended the SHS selection process for the 2019 BECE candidates for another TWO WEEKS starting Wednesday; 3rd July, 2019 to give way for corrections to be made.

Those who attended the meeting were Deputy Director General M&S, Director in Charge of Basic Education, Financial Controller GES HQ, Chief Accountant GES HQ, Director of Administration GES HQ, all National officers of CODE and a member of The National Council of COHBS and others.

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